Mathematics in Wisconsin

Mathematical proficiency is essential for every student in Wisconsin. Doors of opportunity are opened for those who are competent and confident in mathematics. Wisconsin’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) signifies a statewide commitment to high expectations for what students are learning and the instructional shifts that will prepare them for their future.

As educators and leaders at all levels, pre-kindergarten through college, we must take on the challenge and the responsibility to ensure that all of our students are mathematically literate.  Students need to see mathematics as making sense and they need to be able to analyze, reason, and communicate ideas effectively as they pose, formulate, interpret, and solve mathematical problems in a variety of authentic mathematical and real-world situations. They need to be equipped mathematically to be successful as they transition to the ever changing world beyond our classrooms.

Several foundational documents have been developed to support Wisconsin educators.  The Wisconsin Foundations for Mathematics provide direction for the teaching and learning of mathematics.  The Guiding Principles for Teaching and Learning in Mathematics Classrooms provide a set of characteristics that should be present in mathematics classrooms at all levels. The Characteristics of Mathematically Proficient Students summarizes what mathematically proficient students should be able to do based on the Standards for Mathematical Practice from the CCSSM

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